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Happiness is a state of mind

Think of the five most successful people you know. Now think of the five happiest. How many made both lists?

Most people think of success in terms of possessions and achievements, while happiness is a state of mind. It's common to think success will bring happiness, but that's often not the case.


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Think about what the people on your happy list have in common. I'll bet they have better-than-average relationships, especially with their spouses and children. Of course, other factors besides good relationships also tend to produce happiness—like good health, enjoying one's work, and having fun. And people driven by spiritual and ethical values usually are more content than those who measure success in terms of prosperity, pleasure, and peer approval.

Still, if I had to choose the one thing most essential to happiness, it would be good relationships.

Think about it. The happiness quotient of people who live high-flying lives of the rich and famous or the swinging lives of the young and beautiful is surprisingly low. Yes, these people experience plenty of moments of soaring satisfaction, but they become harder to duplicate and sustain. Often such people are left with an "Is that all there is?" feeling that can lead to depression and boredom.

No matter how rich, sexy, or famous one is, happiness is almost impossible for people who have hurtful and unsatisfying relationships. Yet people surrounded by the affection, love, and respect of others can find their way to happiness in spite of economic hardship, hard work, and even ill health.

That's good news. We can't all be rich, famous, or beautiful, but we can all find people worthy of our love.
by beta-endorphin | 2008-05-11 12:15 | english expression